Dr. Girish S. Bapat

        Dr. Girish S. Bapat is the Director of Jnana Prabodhini, an educational institute in Pune, India, since November 1989. He has a doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Victoria, Canada. He also holds a Masters degree in Education and a Post-graduate diploma in Business Management. Himself an alumnus of Jnana Prabodhini’s school for the intellectually gifted, he also worked as the Principal of the school for five years. Jnana Prabodhini works in the fields of Education, Rural Development, Health, Social Organisation, Research and National Integration. As  the  Director,  Dr. Bapat supervises and guides the activities in all these fields. Dr. Bapat is also the Chairman of Mensa India, which is a provisional National Chapter of Mensa International.

        Dr. Bapat has developed group-tasks for high-school students, college students and adults and used these to train the participants in team-work. He has travelled to different parts of India to organize relief work and youth camps. He has conducted workshops for teachers and principals of schools and colleges on various topics like Project Methodology, Action Research, Training for Development of Behavioural Intelligence, Process-oriented Education, Futurology and Formative Evaluation Techniques. He has also written several articles in Marathi on the importance of attitude-formation and motivation building for personality development. 
Academic Qualifications and Award  :
  • M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry),  University of Poona (1979)
  • Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), University of Victoria, Canada (1983)
  • M.Ed. (Optional – Comparative Education), University of Poona (1986)
  • D.B.M., Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune (1988)
  • Dr. Kumud Bansal Best Educational Book Award by Yashwantrai Chavan Pratishthan in 2014 for the marathi book ‘Manushyaghadanisathi Avahan Part 1 and 2’
Positions Held  :   
a Director, Jnana Prabodhini   –  since November 1989    
b Principal, Jnana Prabodhini Prashala (A secondary School affiliated to C.B.S.E.)   –  1985 – 1990
c Secretary, Jnana Prabodhini   –  1983 – 1989  
International Conferences Attended  :        
  • Summer Seminar Designed to strengthen Organisational Skills of Scientists Returning to Developing Asian Countries, St. Francis Xavier University and Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1983.
  • IXth World Conference on ‘Gifted and Talented Children’, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1991.  Presented lecture titled ‘Evolving Teaching Programme for the Gifted : Review of   a  Twenty-year Experiment’.
  • Third International Conference on ‘Frontiers in Yoga Research and Application’-, Banglore, 1995 / Invited Lecture titled ‘Leadership Development of Intectually Gifted Individuals – An Experiment Rooted in Indian Ethos.’
  • Vth Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness, New Delhi, 1998. Invited Lecture titled ‘Jnana Prabodhini : An Unique Experiment in Gifted Education.
  • Fifteenth International Conference on ‘Frontiers in Yoga Research and Application’, Banglore 2005. Invited Lecture titled, ‘Emotional and Motivational development of Intellectually Gifted Students’.
Conferences and Seminars Attended  :  
  • Generic Vocational Course and its Implementation, Mumbai, January 1995. Invited Participant (Organised by Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education, Bhopal)
  • The 4th National Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes, Chennai, November 1994. Paper presentation. Title – School and Community Relationship in changing Scenario. (Organised by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)
  • National Seminar on Innovations in Schooling, New Delhi. November 1993. Invited Lecture titled ‘Academic Innovations Without Autonomy’. (Organised by Educational Consultants India Ltd. A Govt. of India Enterprise, New  Delhi)
 Workshops  Conducted  :
  •  ‘Use of Project Method in Teaching’ Teachers and Principals of 14 Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas in Arunachal Pradesh. At Kharsang, Arunachal Pradesh, Feb-March 1994.
  •  ‘Identification and Development of Behaviourally Gifted Students’ for Head-Masters of 70 Secondary Schools in Goa. Organised by Directorate of Education, Goa at Ponda, October 1994.
Professional Assignments   :
  • Adopted Member, W.N. Dandekar Educational Trust (1993-95).
  • Nominated Member, Study Group on Education, State Planning Commission, (1992-93).
Publications  in English   :
  •  Adavaita Vendanta and Modern Science’ – Jnana Prabodhini : A New Experiment in Education.  Vol. II (1980). 
  • ‘Sigmatropic Rearrangements of Adducts from ispo-Nitration : formation of Adducts containing a secondary Nitro Group’ – Journal of Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 119 (1983). 
  •   Eternal Ideas of Education, The Legend of Nachiketas in Kathopanishad -  Nivedita : The Dedicated, Vivekananda  Kendra, Jodhpur, (October 1996).
  •  The Emerging Novelty in Life, Mind and Society. Jnana Prabodhini (August, 2006)
  •  From Formal Education to Man-Making. Jnana Prabodhini (December, 2012)
  •  Man-making : Nurturing Abilities, Motivating the Able', Jnana Prabodhini (November, 2017)