National Integration

From Prabodhini’s perspective, motivating intellect is a work that cuts across economic, social, religious or goal-oriented boundaries. For many who can not reach to you, you must reach out to them. Initiating dialogues among various groups in the society is important work in Prabodhini’s point of view. Prabodhini endeavours to imbibe all sections of society with social awareness and cultural enlightenment. Similarly, it tries to inspire and teach men and women volunteers from all strata of society. Prabodhini is reaching out in all parts of the country. From slum areas around its centres to border states, various activities like science experiments workshops, teacher training camps, online and physical training for competitive examinations, personality development workshops for the purpose of national integration are conducted.
Nagar vasti Abhyas Gat (study group for slums)

Contacts, visits and gatherings in 27 slum settlements in the Pune city. Personality
development programmes for women of all age groups. Sports groups and study
groups for young boys. Vocational skill training courses for women and youth.
Upasana and Matrubhoomi Poojan.


Work in Arunachal Pradesh

Educational support programmes for students in Arunachal Pradesh with emphasis
on experiments in science....

Work in Jammu and Kashmir

Efforts in building ties with youngsters with a view to develop mutual understanding and faith about each other....