Prof. V.S./Subhash Deshpande

Profession  :       
i) Management Training & Consultancy
ii) Hon. Secretary, Jnana Prabodhihi
Academic Qualfication :           
i) M.A. (Sociology),  University of Poona- 1st class with 3rd Rank (B.A. with History, Psychology and App. Statistics, 1st class with 1st Rank.)
ii) M.B.A. (Production Management, Organisation Behaviour) - University of Pune (1976), 1st Class with Distiction, 1st Rank.
iii) Accredited as a Trainer in Entrepreneurial Motivation by  NIESBUD,  New Delhi.
Professional Experience  : 
 i) Business Management : 
Worked as Executive of Jnana Prabodhini's Engineering Division, Capacitor Division and Khandsari Sugar Division.
ii)  Entrepreneurship Development  :
Conducts Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, guidance to building entrepreneurs.
iii) Management Training :
Conducts training courses in Communication, Motivation, Leadership, Team Building, Creativity etc., for Private and  Public Sector Undertakings.
iv) Irrigation Management :
Assignments of  USAID  in O & M for canal irrigation, through Water Users' Associations.
v) Rural Development  :
In-charge of Jnana Prabodhini's Shivaganga and Gunjawani River Valley Development Programme, dist. Pune.
Allied Experience   
i) Editor of Jnana Prabodhini's books and reports.
ii)  Production of Video Films in Development Communication.