Yuvashakti Prabodhan

Yuvak – Yuvati Vibhag (Youth wing)

Sports groups and science groups for the girl and boy students of various schools and colleges. Work in Nagari Vasti (slums in the city) and Rural areas. Organisation and leadership development of youth through various activities like adventure tours, camping in tents, sports demonstrations, sale activities, active partcipation in public festivals like Palkhi and Ganeshotsav, study tours, study camps and extension camps
The youth of Jnana Prabodhini has been doing multifarious activities by addressing the contemporary problems. In 1983 & 84, JP conducted a Peace Mission to Punjab when there was lot of unrest due to Khalistan Movement. More than 125 youth workers went from village to village in Punjab and offerred prayers in Gurudwaras and had dialogue with people to build akinship with the Sikh brothers.
JP has worked for disaster relief activity right from 1967 at the time of Koyana earthquake, also in the Andhra cyclone of 1977 and flood situations in Morwi, (Gujrath) etc. In 1993, the relief work at the time of Killari (Latur) earthquake led to rehabilitation work at Narangwadi and further led to the establishment of a fullfledged Centre at village Harali in district Osmanabad.

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Yuvak Vibhag https://www.facebook.com/jnanaprabodhini.org/

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