Prabodhini’s Research Wing works towards finding new applications of the knowledge passed to us from ages. So that this knowledge can be used for development of mankind. Prabodhini does research work in the field of Sanskrit, Psychology and other Social Sciences for this purpose only. Today, Prabodhini has several ongoing research projects in various sectors like making revised editions of samskar scriptures, priesthood training program, samskar programmes from state level to international level, discourses on varied subjects, tests based on Guilford’s SOI Model of intelligence, workshops for people ranging from primary students to employees in companies, and workshops for teachers of the highly able. Members of Prabodhini are taking part in many national and international level conferences. Prabodhini’s Research Institute has recognition of Ministry of Science and Technology, University Grants Commission, Maharashtra State Education Board and Savitribai Phule Pune University


Prajna Manas Samshodhika

Recognition : University Grants Commission, New Delhi and Pune University, Pune and Maharashtra State Government 
Research in Psychology and its application for identification and development of human abilities.A Ph.D research centre recognised by the Pune University.

Sanskrit Sanskriti Samshodhika

Priesthood : conducting samskaras in a disciplined, relevant form by explaining the meaning and with participation of all.
Booklets of all samskaras including naming ceremony, thread ceremony, completion of 60 years of age, Dehadaan funeral rites and various other poojas. 

Ayurved Aushadhi Samshodhika

Research on increasing the potency of Ayurvedic medicines by extraction method. Training in production of traditional ayurvedic medicines...