According to the founder of Prabodhini, enhancing the organizational mind-set i.e. coming together and working for achieving the same goal as a group is the answer to all to the questions before India. The main objective of the youth organization is to motivate creative and future-oriented leadership, enhancement of the desire to achieve amongst the youth in various fields like education, research, commerce, entrepreneurship, defence, agriculture, health etc. ‘Dal’ which has been instrumental in reaching number of students through various aspects like sports, arts, science and enhancing their skills and organizational attitude, is the crux of the organizational experiments. Prabodhini has experienced that learning to work in groups, purposely getting involved in various social groups in the surroundings, discussing various social concerns, stretching one’s own physical – psychological abilities, experiencing the thread of oneness that has woven us all together, by visiting various institutions and places in the country, prioritizing work over persons, having faith pinned in the aim, all these exposures nurture youths and they contribute better in the vision of nation building.