Dombiwali Extension Centre (working since 1995)

Started as Distribution Centre for Chhatra Prabodhan magazine and book sale 
Prabodhak Mandal, night/residential camps, adventure tours, Vidyavrat samskar and camps, aptitude testing for youngsters
Study group, environment group and gatherings for youth
Parent club, Training to women priests, Matrubhoomi Poojan and Samwadini (for women) 
50 voluntary workers study and practice development issues
Activities in Kalyan, Badlapur and Thane

Boriwali Extension Centre (working since 1997)

 Started as Distribution  Centre for Chhatra Prabodhan magazine  and book sale
Activities for youngsters : Vikasika (personality development sessions for school students), camps, trips, Vidyavrat samskar and camps, aptitude tests
Activities for youth : gatherings, lectures, get-togethers
Parent-teacher workshops, lectures, Matrubhoomi Poojan and Samwadini for women
Study camps and study tours for the 35 regular voluntary workers
Extension activities at Andheri, Dadar, Bandra, Wada and Palghar

Ambajogai Extension Centre (working since 1999)

Programmes to activate the local youth for development of Ambajogai and its surrounding area
Upasana (Meditation) centres and Vidyavrat Samskar(Vow of studentship) for the motivation building and attitude formation of youngsters
A Shishuvihar for the development of Pre-Primary students
Special Purpose Groups like Maa Sharada group, Sphoorti group and Geeta Prabodhini 
Vivekwadi Campus for Rural Development