Leprosy eradication scheme from 1981 to 2003, health checkup for pregnant women, training of Balwadi teachers for eradication of malnutrition, how to use smoke free stoves and water filters, training of health trainers for first aid, healthy diet scheme, nurses’ training are some of the health related work of Prabodhini’s rural development branch. Separately registered Jnana Prabodhini’s Ayurvidnyan Institute runs an eye hospital at Shirwal. Pune based Lata Mangeshkar Foundation’s Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital is run and managed by the same Ayurvidnyan Institute.Under the women empowerment scheme women health checkup and health education programs are run in the valley of Shivganga and Gunjavani. Study groups have conducted occasional health camps and health checkups in the urban settlements of Pune.


A series of constructive activities that began with the organisation of the rural women power through the anti-liquor campaign in…


A medical trust started by alumni, based on the principles of ethical and rational practice….