Jnana Prabodhini Extension Centre has been functional at Dombivali since 1995. The centre works for all strata and age groups from young children to adult women.
The centre has conducted a weekly program ‘Prabodhak Mandal’ for students of 5th to 7th standard since 2008. Language and talent games, group discussions, group activities, stories, Prabodhan songs, interviews, biography study, visit to institutes and also observation, memory, reading, writing, listening, expression, communication, sales are some areas used for training in this program. Various programs include Vidyavrat Sanskar overnight camp, residential camp, science camp, group activity camp, cycle trip, and trip to forts.
Youth, boys & girls take up programs like ecological conservation by management of Ganesh puja waste. Samvadini is the program for middle aged women from the society with the aim of social change through self development. There are three groups of Samvadini in Dombivali where the monthly meetings have lectures, group discussions, visits to institutes, and biography study. The groups also conduct ‘Olakh Sparshachi’ or gender sensitization for students of various schools.
Women Purohits conduct religious and cultural rituals with the Jnana Prabodhini system. Doing various pujas themselves is taught in the workshops for Ganesh Pratishtapana and Laxmi Pujan.
The program of Matrubhumi Pujan helps people to get over the social differences in various components of society, feel pride for the motherland, understand local and social problems and solve them through small projects.
The centre also takes care of registration and sales of the monthly magazine Chhatra Prabodhan.