India needs self inspired, committed and competent bureaucrats. An attempt is made by Jnana Prabodhini Competitive Examination Centre (JPCEC) to send such value based service oriented officers in administrative system since 1995. The motto JPCEC is ‘Nurturing Intelligence for Social Change’. 

Objectives – 

  1. To send more and more clean, efficient and value based officers in the administrative system. 
  2. To build a network of officers to get moral support, guidance and share best practices in Good Governance for better contribution. 

Theme of Jnana Prabodhini’s Education Model 

Know Your Self, Know Your System, Know Your Society

Activities to develop – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Attitude and Motivation

Physical, Intellectual, Mental and Spiritual development of Personality

Various UPSC CSE batches are run for this purpose.                  

  1. Full year Comprehensive batch and Facilitation batch for the beginners. 
  2. Aptitude Building Batch for skills training for the senior students.
  3. Mission batch for Prelim appeared students for developing thinking and writing skills.
  4. Prerana batch for Mains appeared students for training the students for Interview (Personality test)
  5. Several personality development activities under SEVA (self enhancement through voluntary action) platform are conducted.
  6. Various field activities to take experiences of the world to add in the personality.

Meetings of our past student officers for knowledge sharing, Informal gatherings and study groups are planned regularly. Vertical interactions make officers able and confident to face various challenges in the system while working.