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  • Educational Resource Centre : Movement of Open Online Learning (MOOL).
    Transmitting quality education programmes to students, parents and teachers across the country through video conferencing and e-resources. Bring Quality Education to Every Child using approriate Technology.  
    Diksha / QRCODE Project with HRD Ministry 
    Jnana Prabodhini is now an official partner of HRD ministry, Govt. of India in its new initiative DIKSHA
    DIKSHA is an acronym for Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing. DIKSHA is a national digital platform for teachers which offer resources for teaching, learning and professional development. DIKSHA stands for Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing. Teachers can access and create high quality teaching, learning and assessment resources for a subjects and levels in any Indian language. More than 500 videos have been produced by Jnana Prabodhini. This was a project done along with SCERT and Balbharati.
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    Diksha Outreach Program
  • The proposed project aims to conduct online sessions for Teachers so that they are empowered to address the issues of students. To conduct online sessions for Students from Upper Primary and Secondary Schools to help them in developing their personality on various dimensions and as well understand the core concepts in science and maths Conduct these sessions with help of Expert faculty. Make it interactive through video conferencing. Provide various references.
    Diksha Knowledge Box
    JP has developed 1000+ eLearning Content which is available offline in Diksha Knowledge Box (1 TB hard disk). 
    Gyan Vahini - Awakening of Knowledge through
    Teaching school children at different locations from centrally located studio
    Expert faculty will conduct interactive sessions through video conferencing
    Jammu and Kashmir (2018-19) : Jnana Prabodhini in collaboration Jammu Kashmir knowledge Network (JKKN), conducted online career guidance sessions for students of classes 9th to 12th. This program was an initiative of School Education Department (SED). JP conducted two sessions weekly, one day for schools in Jammu and one day for schools in Kashmir. 11 to 20 school students could have the benefit of these career guidance sessions. The sessions during the year 2018-19 helped in Development of personality for a successful career, to recognize potential Abilities and Aptitude, Choosing different Careers as Chartered Accountant, Banking, Design, Civil Services, Company Secretary, Animation, Tourism, Journalism & mass communication, Physics. Saungandh Deshmukh, Parag Kulkarni, Mayuresh Sohoni, Dhruva Paknikar, Ravi Palekar, Neha Agarwal, Sawmya Bhattacharya, Rajesh Khele, Nishita Ghadge, Dipti Waghmare, Yashodhara Gadgil, Sanjay Tambat, Savita Kulkarni, Dr. Dipti Sidhaye conducted sessions for students. 70 schools were connected at a time for the topic of Career in Civil Services. 3000 students from 200 schools from 22 districts participated in these sessions.
    Sengati Educational Games
    Jnana Prabodhini has developed Sengati – An activity kit comprising various innovative games to understand the concepts in social Sciences, available in Marathi. These games are for self learning and make students aware about their health, hygiene, home remedy, balancing diet, changes in boys during teen-age, farming, social science and social problems etc.
    Film Making Workshop
    Jnana Prabodhini arranged workshops for making a one-minute film.
    This includes
    1. Writing the script
    2. Direction
    3. Recording 
    4. Editing
    Students were given experience of these skills and also guidance from expert trainers.
    Happy Teacher App - Inspired, Prepared, Organized Teacher
    This is a free android app to help teachers to designing sample plans and e-resources. Creative lesson plans are available in Marathi, English This App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
    Ignite a Spark within Yourself
    Learning Prabodhini Way is introducing practices of learning and teaching in Jnana Prabodhini.The method of teaching has to suit the intended effect or result of teaching. Creation of knowledge and application of knowledge are the two guiding lights for devising a method of teaching. The students enter the classroom carrying some bits of information with them. They should not leave the classroom with only some more bits of information. The purpose of teaching should be to give them a perspective to use their information, and skills to use that information effectively. The purpose of teaching should be to give them insights to spot the gaps in their information. Complete knowledge in a particular branch of study is impossible. It is better to teach a multidisciplinary approach where application of knowledge is necessary and an inter-disciplinary approach where creation of knowledge is the goal. The method of teaching has to be more skills and process-oriented and not content-oriented. But skills and processes cannot be taught without knowledge of minimum content. Knowledge of a basic quantum of content is a pre-requisite for teaching of processes and skills.
    Jnana Prabodhini partners with TCS iON to build the world’s largest online community of teaching professionals. Hosted on the TCS iON Digital HUB platform, the teaching community will offer a wide range of certification courses and training programs online to help teachers enhance their teaching skills.
    Learn Prabodhini Way: 
    ज्ञान प्रबोधिनीचे दीक्षा प्रकल्पातील योगदान आणि उद्दिष्ट | नलिनीताई गुजराथी यांची मुलाखत
    Online Diksha Outreach Program with Directorate of School Education Jammu
    Expert From Jnana Prabodhini Pune Guest Ms Savita Kulkarni Topic Career in Civil Services
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