North East India

JP foot print in Northeast, India


Jnana Prabodlhini  is active in North East for the last 50 years. It Started with a study tour by principal Yashwantrao Lele and Sharadrao, Visubhau and other volunteers. After that a large number of study tours, Adventure treks, National integration Campaigns were organized by various centers and departments of JP on regular basis.


Arunachal Pradesh has been the main focus of activitiess but presence and connect with all the 7 daughters of India was maintained. The activities were mainly conducted in Collaboration with local voluntary Organizations and Government.


Here is a Summary of this JP & NE connects...


  1. A science popularization program, ज्ञानसेतू (Knowledge Bridge) of Education Activity Research centre of JP has reached 40000 students from 600 Schools in all states of Northeast through 400 Volunteers from various colleges of Maharashtra over the last 10 years.


  1. Dr. Ajit Kanitkar stayed as a teacher in a school run by JP at Jaluki B Village in Nagaland for         years. (1986, 87)  Dr. Rajeev Ranade also conducted a camp for 3 months in 1985.


Vivek & Bageshri Ponkshe stayed in a Vivekanand Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV), Arunachal Pradesh as teacher for 3 years. (1988 – 1991)


Prasad Chikshe was the Education officer of VKV, Arunachal for 3 years. (1995 – 1998)


Deepak Kamble stayed. as senior teacher for 8 years in Intaya Public School, Roing, Arunachal.


Veena Bedekar is Supporting 3 schools of PSVP ( पूर्वांचल सीमा विकास प्रतिष्ठान ) in Manipur for last 3 years. (Since 2018)


  1. Mrinmayi under the guidance of late Vivek Ponkshe  conducted  a Talent Nurturance Program, for 540 selected students of 22 VKVs all over Arunachal Pradesh. (2014 – 2019)


  1. Organization Development inputs for impact of VKV schools were given by Ajit Kanitkar in Arunachal Pradesh and Shirish Joshi in Assam. (2017 – 18)


  1. Bageshri tai Ponkshe went for initiate SHGs in collaboration with a local bank (Apex). (2003-04)


  1. Pravin Suryavanshi configured training for production of water filters.


  1. A bust of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was inaugurated in Tawang region by JP team for the Indian army.


  1. JP’s Competitive Exam Centre is conducting offline and online Coaching for APPSC & UPSC with सेवाभारती for last 8 years. (Since 2015)


  1. Vijay Swami, a friend & colleague of late Vivek Ponkshe started RIWATCH to preserve the cultural bonds of AP communities with India. Onkar Pradhan of JP is helping him to document this India cultural connect of local tribes through videos and films. (Since 2021)


  1. Recently JP and JPP alumni foundation is collaborating with AP Government for Vibrant Village Program (VVP) through ex-secretary Planning Shri. Prashant Lokhande, a member of JP Officer Network. (2023)


  1. 14 children from Manipur are studying and staying at Solapur Jnana Prabodhini in recently developed Hostel dedicated to Manipuri students.



In the next 5 years JP plans to develop its own centre in North- east to cater to various needs of the local people. The work areas are identified as


  1. Education extension, Career & Competitive Exam guidance
  2. Youth organization, deaddiction, Entrepreneurship and skill Development Programs
  3. Women empowerment through SHGs & allied projects


Immediate Projects

  1. Mountain Biking event by Everester Tine Mina in September 2023 in Anini region, Arunachal.
  2. Extension of Museum in RIWATCH, Roing, Arunachal by December 2023
  3. Tourism development Plan for next 5 years in AP – Presentation and Support.
  4. De-additction drives, sensitization and awareness training programs initiation across North East in the coming couple of years.