ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी

Jnana Prabodhini

Motivating Intelligence for Social Change 

A multifarious institution working in the fields of Education, Research, Rural Development, Women Power, Youth Organisation, National Integration and Health, with a view to Motivation Building and Attitude Formation of every person in all age groups to Change the Face of India for Better.


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Formal Education

To motivate the facets of intellect of students and develop their social awareness, education has to go beyond four walls and rigid curriculum. For this, Prabodhini emphasizes on experiential learning.
Recognizing that individual development and social development go hand-in-hand, programs like educational field trips, teaching self study skills, rural camps, volunteering for disaster management and relief work, programs to mingle in social gatherings, chorus of inspirational songs, projects, vidyavrat that joins resolution with studies, curriculum based on development of Panchakosha (five sheaths of personality), special training to create national level players, are some of the JP’s educational experiments. Developing educational resources and material, workshops for teachers, guidance for competitive examinations and camps for leadership development, training institute for pre-primary teachers.

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Educational extention

Many programs are designed to take educational constructs and experiences to other schools and students.

Chhatra Prabodhan:  Monthly magazine Chhatra Prabodhan is published. It is is a educational movement built on  platform in form of Magazine.

Educational Resource center: is base where new resources are built and design session to train teachers to use them. In Era of digital media large number of digital resources are created. Website  https://sadhankendra.org/  is created to  and disseminate these digital  resources.  Jnana Prabodhini is now an official partner of HRD ministry, Govt. of India in its initiative DIKSHA.  Search #gyanqr at www.diksha.gov.in and Visit Youtube Chanel ERCJPP

Educational Activities research: center organises training programs for content enrichment, teaching process, teaching methods and skills, training programs for personality development of teachers. Website : Educational Activities research center

Mobilisation of Women power

In Jnana Prabodhini’s view, it is important for all women to be aware of their self-esteem, their participation in society and to strengthen national character among them. Not only the idea of equality is sufficient for women, but also their knowledge, skills and attitude should be developed. Keeping this in mind, Jnana Prabodhini’s women volunteers are carrying out various activities for rural and urban women. Organizing rural women through self-help groups is one of the wide spread activities. Helping them in creating opportunities for their self-employment, conducting skill training through various meetings are regular activities. These women also organize various personality and leadership  development programs by organizing women from various groups of the society and Health education in rural areas, family counselling, training for running anganwadi, publishing a bimonthly and many such activities going on today. Even graduate housewives in urban areas also come together and work for various issues. Sexuality training for students, arranging Vidyavrat samskar (vow of pursuit of study) and guiding students about personality development.


Prabodhini’s Research Wing works towards finding new applications of the knowledge passed to us from ages. So that this knowledge can be used for development of mankind. Prabodhini does research work in the fields of Psychology, Sanskrit, and other Social Sciences for this purpose. Prabodhini’s Research Institute has recognition of Ministry of Science and Technology, University Grants Commission and Savitribai Phule Pune University. Today, Prabodhini has several ongoing research projects in various sectors like tests based on Guilford’s SOI Model of intelligence, and making revised editions of samskar scriptures. Workshops are conducted for people ranging from primary students to employees in companies, and workshops for teachers of the highly able, priesthood training
program, samskar programmes from state level to international level. Members of Prabodhini are taking part in discourses on varied subjects and in many national and international level conferences.

Youth Organization

Jnana Prabodhini embraces the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda. According to him, lack of Organizational Attitude is at the root of many problems before India.

Lack of organizational attitude can be indicated by -

1) Inability to work coherently in a group,

2) Inability to take leadership roles if situation demands

3) Inability to work for bigger and national cause

Therefore, JP identified that rigorous education and training to cultivate the Organizational Attitude is necessary for persons of all ages. Moreover, founder of JP, Dr Appa Pendse insisted that this training should definitively be conducted in impressionable ages of Youth, i.e. from 11 to 25. The responsibility to carry out this education for girls lies with Yuvati Vibhag and for boys it lies with Yuvak Vibhag.

It is imperative that every centre of Jnana Prabodhini must establish Yuvati and Yuvak Vibhag to educate, motivate and give opportunities to youth to serve the nation.

Learn more how Yuvak and Yuvati Vibhag operate…

Rural Development and Health

Prabodhini, since its beginning, has focused on all round development of villages. Entrepreneurial skill training for rural youth, natural resources development are major work areas of Prabodhini. Construction of cement nala bunds, and earthen bunds for catchment area development, farm-ponds, experiments in solar-and bio-energy, providing technical training to the rural youth, helping tribals for their livelihood, providing formal education in the field of agriculture are some activities of Prabodhini. Prabodhini has also reached remote villages through providing solar lamps. Health related work like leprosy eradication scheme during 1981 to 2003, health check-up for pregnant women, training of anganwadi teachers for malnutrition eradication, healthy diet plan scheme, teaching use of smokeless chulhas and water filters. has also been undertaken along with the development of natural resources. Prabodhini is also offering training to local
volunteers motivated for the development of their villages and is trying to build illustrative work with their initiative.

National Integration

From Prabodhini’s perspective, motivating intellect is a work that cuts across economic, social, religious or goal-oriented boundaries. For many who can not reach to you, you must reach out to them. Initiating dialogues among various groups in the society is important work in Prabodhini’s point of view. Prabodhini endeavours to imbibe all sections of society with social awareness and cultural enlightenment. Similarly, it tries to inspire and teach men and women volunteers from all strata of society. Prabodhini is reaching out in all parts of the country. From slum areas around its centres to border
states, various activities like science experiments workshops, teacher training camps, online and in person for competitive examinations, personality development workshops for the purpose of national integration are conducted.