8th Mathematics

Comparison of Rational numbers

Decimal representation

Irrational numbers

Rational numbers

Intersecting & Parallel Lines

Concept of corresponding angles

Concept of Interior Alternate Angles

Concept of exterior alternate angles

Construction of a parallel line at a given distance

Concept of Interior Angles on Same Side of Transversal

Transversal intersecting two coplaner lines – intersecting & parallel lines

Construction of a parallel line through a point outside the given line

Few uses of these laws of indices

Laws of indices for rational powers - Part 1

Laws of indices for rational powers - Part 2

Altitudes and Medians of Triangle

Expansion Formulae

Factorization Formulae

Variation part - 1

Variation part - 2

Types and Construction

Equations in one variable

Congruence of triangles part-1

Congruence of triangles part-2

Congruence of triangles part-3

Area Part - 1

Area Part - 2

Cylinder Cone and Sphere

Surface area


Circle – Chord and Arc

Discount and Commission

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Division of Polynomials


Compound interest

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