Co-curricular Education

Provide education so as to be motivated to work for the nation. In order to get such education for nationality, Prabodhini schools arrange for various educational experiences. This treasure from Prabodhini should be available for all other students. Various programs are arranged in order to open the gates for new students to Prabodhini Institute. Such programs of supplementary education and projects at secondary school level for students from other schools as well as for primary students are held by some centres. Supplementary education at Ashram schools, Chhote Scientists project, Olakh Sparshachi (sensitizing for touch) and Umaltya Vayashi Julvun Ghetana (Adjusting with the growing age), Kishori Vikas Yojana (Teenager development program) in Solapur-Gujavani valley, Chhatra Prabodhan Diwali issue based festivals,  Advocacy competition, Maitri Pustakanshi (Friendship with books)project, Vikasmitra (Friends of development) Project, Vidyavrat Jopasana, Homi Bhabha Competitive Examination Preparation, Prajnya Shodh (Talent Search) Scholarship Preparation etc. are included

Educational Activitiy Research Centre

Training programmes for the extension of different activities of the comprehensive integrated educational process of Jnana Prabodhini to Maharashtra and other states....

Chhatra Prabodhan magazine

Jnana Prabodhini’s creative magazine for youngsters! Not a mere magazine but a movement for the development of youngsters! A popular magazine among V to XII students....

Educational Resource Centre

Movement of Open Online Learning (MOOL)