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Administrative services is one of the fields which can be taken as a career with social commitment for long lasting change in the country. India needs self inspired, committed and competent bureaucrats. An attempt is made by Jnana Prabodhini Competitive Examination Centre (JPCEC) to send such value based, service oriented officers in administrative system since 1995. The motto of JPCEC is ‘Nurturing Intelligence for Social Change’.

Training Programs : 

The centre is currently running two courses for UPSC Preparation                   
1. Ability Building Batch : This is a 6 months – 50 hours batch for Aspirants who have given one or more attempts of Prelims or        Mains. This batch gets a crash version of JP process inputs for CSE preparation, which include following modules – 1. Competitive Aptitude Testing & Guidance, 2. Study Skills, 3. Ability Building Workshops, 4. Critical Thinking Workshops, 5. Perspective building for Compulsory Papers, 6. News Paper & Current Affairs Analysis, 7. Individual Guidance and 8. Personality Development Inputs.

2. Facilitation Batch : For success in Civil Services Examination, the role of proper guidance and mentoring is crucial. This program aims  to give inputs for value - addition during preparation for Civil Services Examination. 
This batch is for those who - 
1. are taking next year's 2023 UPSC attempt.
2. have completed their graduation.
3. are doing UPSC preparation full time.
4. are willing to do self study with the use of audio-video & Internet material.
The Inputs include all the above 8 modules of Ability Building Batch in detail. Additionally, it contains 9. Section wise Approach Sessions for all Compulsory Papers (GS 1, 2, 3, 4 and Essay), 10. Experiential Learning Inputs, 11. Group Mentoring, and 12. access to JP Study room (on separate payment of fees).

Admission Process : Admission Process for Facilitation Batch has started from 4th April and it will end on 31st May. The batch will start from 20th June.
Step 1 – Admission Form Evaluation (50 Marks)
Step 2 – Personality Interview of Selected Students (50 Marks)
Contact for Admission – 8605103157 / 020-24207134 
Email Id –

Competitive Aptitude Testing & Guidance : ‘Competitive Aptitude Assessment’ is a tool developed by JPCEC which can be used to generate a profile of the aspirant and give detailed counselling suggestions for his or her future plan of action in the UPSC journey. This will also help to decide about going for self study or joining some class and also understand one's strengths and weaknesses and to work on that for UPSC success. This testing is an integral part of both the Ability Building Batch and the Facilitation Batch. However, it can also be done separately by anyone who is planning to attempt competitive examinations in future, is already preparing for them or has already given some attempts.