Geographic Expansion

Prabodhini has imagined that for the physical development of our country, work has to be done in the areas of education, research, area development, health and Entrepreneurship. The task of changing the social face of our country by developing the organizational attitude is being done by projects like leadership development, group quality development, national integration, women empowerment and geographical expansion. Jnana Prabodhini has centres for various projects in Pune, Nigdi, Solapur and Harali.There are sub-centres at Shivapur, Velhe, Salumbre and Shirval. Ambejogai, Dombiwali, Boriwali have expansion centres. Ambavne and Chikhali have project centres. Thane, Bhainder and Chiplun have local contact centres Badlapur, Karad, Shirur and fifteen other villages have temporary contact centres. Outside Maharashtra Vijapur and Kuturu in Chhatisgarh and Indore in Madhya Pradesh also have temporary contact centres. Prabodhini centres & sub-centres work in such areas. Expansion centres, Project centres and contact centres also work in these areas. Prabodhi is expanding in various places when people wishing to have projects in their own places take up such responsibility.  



Boriwali Extension Centre (working since 1997)
 Started as Distribution  Centre for Chhatra Prabodhan magazine  and book sale


Dombiwali Extension Centre (working since 1995)
Started as Distribution Centre for Chhatra Prabodhan magazine and book sale ...


Programmes to activate the local youth for development of Ambajogai and its surrounding area...