Sanskriti Samshodhika

 Sanskrit Sanskruti Sanshodhika – estb: 22nd July 1975 

Name of Sub Department 
  1.  Pourohitya                                
  2.  Samajik Shastra adhyayan Kendra (Shri Amol Phalke will mail information about this sub department )

Project’s Name 
Projects completed –  1. Ph.D. by Dr.Aarya Joshi ‘Concept of Dana i.e. Donation in the Shradha ritual’
                                      2. Ph.D by Dr.Manisha Shete  subject – ‘Tortoise in Indian culture’
Ongoing work – Santrika conducts rites and rituals for all Society. It is a continuous work for more than 35 years. The unique system of Jnanaprabodhini Sanskar is conducting samskaras in a disciplined way,explaining ideals behind sanskars, with everybody’s participation. Absolute absence of any sort of discrimination i.e. caste,creed, gender discrimination like  male,female .Santrika provides equal opportunity for every one. Training facility of priesthoodship is available  to all   men and women  of any caste and creed.In the near future Santrika wants to extend its scope out of India also.
Booklets of all samskaras including naming ceremony, thread ceremony,wedding, completion of 60 years of age, Dehadan ritual(Body donation), funeral rites and various other poojas including Hindukaran, Dattak Vidhan . Facility for conducting samskaras through trained priests is available .The Sanskrit mantras are explained  in Marathi, Hindi and English as per requirement. So, santrika is crossing borders,  all  over  India and abroad people are looking forward for Santrika’s help to conduct any puja, rites and  ritual. Santrika also conducts some unique rituals for Jnana Prabojdhini’s Rural development Department where, after completing construction of the well ‘puja’ is done. The importance of water conservation is explained and then it is handover to the public.  50 plus Priests  from Pune and Dombivali are working dedicatedly for Santrika. In Covid 19 Pandemics  Online ritual facility helped many people who lost their dear ones  and more than 2500 rituals( Shraddha – rituals on the 11the and 12th day) were conducted by Priests. Women Priestesses’ are confidently and systematically conducting various rituals all over India. 
For basic Puja vidhi 1/2 days training program  are conducted every year. Ttrainers training program is also conducted for the same. It includes Ganesh Pratisthapana and Laxmipujan. Seasonal pujas are also done Mangalagauri Pujan,Haritalika, Satynarayan etc.

Library ( some information is available on Jnana Prabodhini website in the santrika section Pls include this information)- Various types of Geeta, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries of Indian languages are few examples of Santrika’s  rich collection of books. 

Following Links are available on Jnana Prabodhini You tube channel.

1  Deepavali Laxmipujan (Hindi)
2 Deepavali Laxmipujan (Marathi)
3 Shiv  Mangala gauri pujan (Marathi)
4 Consecration of Ganesh Idol in the month of Bhadrapada related videos     
4.1 गणेश पार्थिव पुजाव्रत आणि त्याचे स्वरूप (मराठी भाग -  १)
4.2 भाद्रपद महिन्यात येणारी ५ व्रते व त्यांचे मह्त्व (मराठी भाग - २ )
4.3 श्री गणेश प्रतिष्ठापना पूजेविषयी नेहमी येणार प्रश्न  (मराठी भाग - ३) 
4.4 गणेश प्रतिष्ठापना आणि त्यासंबंधी येणाऱ्या आपत्कालीन समस्यांचे निराकरण (मराठी भाग - ४) 
4.5 श्री गणेश प्रतिष्ठापना और उसका स्वरूप  (हिंदी)   
4.6 भाद्रपद मासमे आनेवाले ५ व्रत और उनका महत्व (हिंदी)
4.7 गणेशजी की स्थापना और उससेसंबंधित आपातकालीन समस्याओका समाधान (हिंदी)
4.8 गणेश पार्थिव पूजा व्रत और उसका स्वरूप (हिंदी)